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Creating Vector Art

Ignoring for a moment the excellent animation tools in Awesome Animator, the software is also great for using as a vector art program. The advantage of vector based art is that different parts of the artwork, such as titles, images and shapes, can be moved, rotated, stretched, shrunk, tinted and so forth with no loss of quality. What's more, all these things can be undone just as easily.

Any type of artwork that involves arranging things on a page is easier using a vector art program. Examples include posters, flyers, birthday cards and invitations.

You might want to include images in your vector art. A great source is SVG clipart which Awesome Animator supports. You can also copy vector art from a program such as Word and paste it into Awesome Animator!

dinoaur SVG
Dinosaur SVG

6900 Free Clipart Imgaes

Download over 6900 Free Clipart Images
You can download over 6900 free SVG clipart vector images to use with Awesome Animator (may require update). You can use these images in your animations or edit and alter them for your own needs. Click here to go to the clipart website:
Open Clip Art
Awesome Animator is compatible with about 95% of these clipart images. I recommend downloading some of the packages which contain hundreds of SVG clipart pictures in various themes.
SVG clipart images for use with Awesome Animator