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Download Awesome Animator Version 10.05

Download the self installing package here by clicking on the link below. It will install itself into your Start >> All Programs menu. You can try it for free for 2 weeks with no obligations. All the features are enabled in the trial version so you can see exactly what you will be getting.

The cost of purchasing Awesome Animator is now half price at 20 US dollars. (As a comparison Adobe's Flash animation suite retails for around 300 US dollars.) To purchase just download the software and click on Buy Now which will open a purchasing page.

download Download Awesome Animator 10.05 (2Mb)
Here is a screenshot of the user interface at a screen resolution of 1024x768 at 50% scale:
Awesome Animator Screenshot
Awesome Animator© is designed and tested for Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista and Windows 7. (We are not affiliated with Microsoft or Windows).
Designed for Windows XP (SP2)Windows XPWindows VistaWindows Vista and Windows 7Windows 7

System Requirements

Use these as a guide only. There are no special features that require any particular specifications so download the trial version and see for yourself how well it works on your computer.

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Usual Legal Stuff
1. The software is licensed to be used on one computer.
2. The software may not be hosted on the internet without the author's permission.
3. The software is provided as-is including all faults and limitations.
4. The features of the software may be changed without notice.
5. We accept no liability for any damage to your computer, software or loss of earnings etc. resulting from use of this program.

Contact: support@awesomeanimator.com

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