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Vector Artist for Android

Special Features

Awesome Animator implements many of the advanced features of Flash, which may not be implemented in other software, and includes extra inovations of our own including...

Puppet Modelling

Link together arms and legs and heads to create characters which you can easily move about like puppets. Use your characters in your own cartoon stories. In animation studios this process is refered to as skeletal animation:

Dingbat Graphics

Include hundreds of dingbat graphics in your animations. These are vector shapes which can be coloured and edited to suit your needs. There are hundreds more dingbat graphics that you can download for free from the internet. Here is an example of making an advert using the dingbats on your system.

Pseudo 3D Shapes

There a variety of pseudo 3D shape tools which make it easy to draw spheres, cylinders and cones with just a few clicks. Pseudo 3D shapes are simply shapes that are shaded in to look 3D:


Morphing is fully implemented so you can apply morphing (also known as shape-tweening) to shapes to smoothly convert one shape into another:


A mask is a like a window which shows only parts of other shapes. This can be extremely useful and effective:

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