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Export Flash Animations as HTML5 Canvas Animations for iPad

This new Windows software (Awesome Animator) allows one to create website animations for the iPad and Flash animations simultaneously. Running this website on the iPad you will see that it contains animations that were made in the canvas HTML5 format.

If you are still not sure what an iPad is (maybe you have been living on the moon?!!) Here is a nice review from YouTube where she talks about Flash not being available on the iPad.
Press Release

A small UK developer has released some new software, Awesome Animator, aimed at bringing Flash Animations to the iPad and iPhone. The software makes use of the canvas HTML5 and javascript technology in the Safari browser to display the animations.

Chief developer Paul Bird says, “One of the downsides of the iPad has been the lack of Flash support. With our new software, Awesome Animator, we aimed to solve this problem. Users can create animations using this software which can be exported in both Flash SWF format and also the canvas+javascript format for use in the iPad Safari browser. Simple Flash animations can be imported into Awesome Animator and then re-exported to work on the iPad.”

So far the software is limited to fairly simple animations with limited interactivity such as buttons and hyperlinks. But the developers hope to improve their software over time.

“What we have here,” says Paul. “Is something which advertisers, for example, can use as a one-stop-shop to create banner adverts which will work in both Internet Explorer in windows and Safari on the iPad.”

“Our philosophy has been to target as many different formats as possible instead of restricting ourselves to a certain format. Looking at other possible formats such as Silverlight and SVG we found that the canvas tag in HTML5 was perfect for the needs of displaying animations on the iPad. The frame-rate can be slightly slower on the iPad but this can be compensated for by decreasing the FPS and restricting the use of transparency and other CPU hogging effects.”

All in all, Awesome Animator is a fine addition to the eco-system of multi-media applications.

“One problem we should have foreseen,” says Paul. “Is that our website can be hard to find since 'Awesome' is not one of the most obvious words to spell!”

Lets hope the software lives up to its name.